Monday, November 3, 2008

I LOVE Halloween!!

So this halloween all three of my kids decided they had to be scarey. I tried to talk Lexi into Dorthy, a cheerleader, a fairy...anything nice or sweet. You know what she told me??! "Mom I'm too old to be CUTE! I'm 9 years old now...remember??" How could I forget that? Evidently once you reach 9 you turn into something scary, a wannabe teenager! Now that is scary!!

We had a lot of fun trick or treating, although after just one neighborhood my kids were done. I can remember as a kid my parents letting us run wild. We would go to as many houses as we could. Some years we would even run home to dump the candy out of our pillowcases before going back out for more!! My the times have changed!

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Kasie West said...

Holy cow. They really did look scary. Lexi looks like a return of the living dead cheerleader. What did you dress up as? :)