Thursday, January 17, 2008

Guitar Hero Anyone???

Look at my little rocker!! The kids got Guitar Hero for the Wii for Christmas and they can't stop playing it. They of course they started with easy, but have worked their way up to hard and even expert on some songs. How crazy is that?? I've tried to play and I can't seem to get past easy! I think they may even know more 80's rock songs than me! Gabe's favorite song is "Painted Black" he will even sing along. What a ROCKSTAR!!

Zack Says Rock On!!

Although Lexi enjoys playing Guitar Hero she has also been into dance. This year she is taking Jazz/Tap. While all the other little girls try to get through things as quickly as possible, she is all about technique! She always wants to get her hands and feet perfect. She definitely doesn't get that from me!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

So it's 2008 and I've decided to try something new! I can't keep up with scrapbooks I'm terrible at keeping a journal, but I'm on the computer all the I think this might be for me! For all my friend back in Oregon I'll give you a quick update. We moved to Vegas and Dave decided to start a pool servicing company (he's such an entrepenuer!). I'm still selling real estate but needless to say the market stinks! I've had to take on a second job and am waiting tables at Cheesecake Factory. For anyone trying to loose weight you may want to try it, I'm running like crazy for five hours at a time and by the time I get home I'm sick of looking at food!!

The kids are all doing well. Zach was the quarterback for his flag football team this season and did a great job. Lexi is a little smartie pants and is taking jazz and tap. What can I say about Gabe? He's the one I'm going to have to worry about when he gets older. He's a dare devil, he'll try anything! He just got through playing soccer and is now playing basketball. They have made lots of new friends but still miss all their buddies in Oregon!

Happy New Years everyone!!